Health is the absence of disease and is our birthright. Where there is conflict there is chance for resolution but there isn't always a quick fix. To achieve optimal health and healing it takes courage, dedication, self-compassion and a lot of self-love. 
If you are feeling less than optimal and are suffering from various ailments but have no idea where to begin, my comprehensive health system is for you. If you have issues or concerns in the following areas, I can help you reboot your health, guide you to a better understanding of your body and cut a clear path toward your goals; 

Digestive Health         Energy & Stress         Food Allergies & Intolerance      Hormonal Health         Autoimmune Disorders        Weight Management      Nutritional Support        Detoxification        Eczema, Skin issues

Nutritional Therapy, Holistic Counselling & Bioresonance Therapy            Larissa Hees